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Gifford Primary

Covid-19 Update

All Year 1 classes are now isolating due to Class Teachers testing positive. Further details to follow on Monday with regards to home learning and children's return to school date.

Drop off 

We have listened to your thoughts on pick up and drop off times, with this in mind the new times are: 

Drop off: 8:40am - 8:55am

There is a 15 minute window between 8:40am - 8:55am. Please do not rush to arrive at 8:40am as this causes congestion at the school entrance. 

Parents must drop their children at the barriers and leave the area immediately to avoid a large gathering. 


Collection: 3:10pm - 3:25pm 

The school gates will open at 3:10pm and children will be dismissed from class at 3:15pm. Unless they are attending an After School Club, all children should be collected no later than 3:25pm. Please come to the Main Gate and follow the one way system. 

1 adult is permitted on site to collect children at the end of the school day. We have a one way system in place that differs to our previous system, so please arrive at the allocated time and follow staff directions as you enter the school site.

Children in Year 5 and Year 6 who have permission will leave the site alone. 

Please follow the link to our Covid-19 and Letters page for further information.

FAQ's for Reception parents

Questions you have asked


Why are we no longer allowed to bring our children directly to the classroom?

For health and safety reasons we are trying to limit the amount of adults on site. In addition, we promote developing independence for children at Gifford.

What provision is in place to ensure my child gets to class safely?

We have a large number of adults and Year 5/6 pupils out on duty, to ensure children are guided all the way round to their classrooms. Registers are taken promptly after gate closure.

How do I know no one else is taking my child off site once they have gone through the gate?

No adults are allowed on site during the drop off period unless previously arranged for extenuating circumstances. These adults are then guided off site by our staff.

What if my child doesn’t want to go by themselves?

We understand that these are very unusual times for everyone, (children included) and they may find the idea of leaving you at the gate a little daunting. However, staff on duty will ensure they feel safe and relaxed. Before you know it they will be used to another new ‘norm.’

Why has the timeframe been shortened?

As you and your children are now used to the new routines and they have become embedded across the school, we saw it as a good opportunity to shorten the timeframe. This ensures there is less learning time lost for children (which is more important than ever) and as the colder days set in, it is important to get children into the building as quickly as possible.

School Contact

For all attendance related queries please email: attendance@gifford.ealing.sch.uk 

For all admissions related queries please email: admissions@gifford.ealing.sch.uk 

For all other queries please email the School Office on: admin@gifford.ealing.sch.uk