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Gifford Primary

Lunching in school

Chartwell’s Catering provide freshly cooked hot meals.

There is a range of options including vegetarian, with salad bar and fruit served daily.

The school menu is updated twice a year and is available here on the school website, school app and posted in noticeboards on the school grounds.

The new lunch menu will commence on the first week back from the Easter half term 2019 and will run up until we break up for the October half term.

School lunches and themed lunch menus are free for those in Reception, Year 1, Year 2 and on Free School Meals.  Children in all other year groups must pay the daily charge of £2.30 or  £11.50 for the week. Cash payment can only be accepted and paid in advance.

 Click below for your copy of the new menu.

School Menu 2019/2020

Lunch Box Guidelines

Please ensure you do not send nuts in your child’s lunchbox as some children have allergies.

Please ensure your child has sufficient food in their lunch box to last them throughout the day including snack times. A packed lunch should be provided in a clearly labelled lunch box or bag.


Healthy lunchbox suggestions

Try to vary the type of bread such as wholemeal, granary or high fibre white bread. 

Also make sandwiches from different kinds of bread including bread rolls, French bread, bagels and pitta bread as well as sliced bread.  Use different sandwich filling each day- preferably including a fruit or vegetable.

Fruit and vegetables

Some fruits to try: 

Seedless grapes - these should be cut

Satsuma, tangerines or clementine

Small bananas



Dried fruit such as apricots, dates or raisins

Fruit salad

Some vegetables to try:

Cherry tomatoes

Carrot sticks

Celery sticks

Cucumber chunks

Baby sweet corn

Grated carrot and raisin salad


Having fun is thirsty work so please supply plenty of drinks for your child.

Avoid sugary and fizzy drinks. Instead use water or fruit juice. Please do not send drinks in glass bottles.

Other lunchbox items:

  • Sweet suggestions                                          
  • Scones                                                            
  • Malt loaf                                                                      
  • Flapjacks                                                                                 
  • Teacakes                     
  • Savoury suggestions  
  • Rice cakes
  • Bread sticks
  • Boiled eggs
  • Cheese and crackers

Keep it cool to keep it fresh.  We do not have refrigeration facilities. Please do not send items that will perish quickly in hot weather.

Our lunchbox guideline can be found on our Policies page.