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New to ParentPay?

 To activate your ParentPay account:


  • Go to www.parentpay.com
  • Go to the Account login area, top right of ParentPay website home page
  • Click on the Activate link
  • Enter your username and password
  • Follow the onscreen instructions to activate your account and accept terms and conditions


Already have an account?

 If you have more than one child at the same school or children at different schools that use ParentPay you are able to ‘Add’ those children to your newly activated or existing ParentPay account creating a cross-school account.  To do this:

  •  Log out of any / all of your accounts
  • Log in to one account, this will become your ‘main account’ username and password 
  • Click on add a child 
  • Enter the username and password for the child you wish to add 
  • Click search. The school, pupil name, year group and class will show on screen 
  • Click add child to your account to confirm this is the child you wish to add to your account 
  • If you have more children that you would like to add to the account simply follow the above process until you have added all your children


You can find ParentPay link on our Quick Link tab for quicker access to their website.

If you need help to activate your ParentPay account, please visit the school office.