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Gifford Primary


Transition to the Reception from Nursery


We aim to make sure that the move from Nursery to Reception is as stress free as we can make it.

Gifford Nursery:

  • During the summer term, children work closely with members of staff from the Reception team
  • Where possible, children are given the opportunity to visit their new class and work with their new teacher
  • Welcome meeting for parents/carers and children in June/July

New starters:

  • Children will have a home visit by the Reception staff in June/July.
  • EYFS staff work closely with previous Nursery settings e.g. visits or phone calls to managers
  • Welcome meeting for parents/carers and children in June/July

Starting school in September

Starting full time education will make your child tired.

The day is full of new learning experiences and children are required to become familiar with many new routines and expectations. For this reason, we introduce children in small groups at a time; this is what we call staggered starting.  We operate this arrangement in the best interest of the children.

Most Reception children will start school full time in September. If you feel that this might be an issue for your child please discuss this with them. This can be discussed during home visits, welcome meetings or by contacting the Assistant Head (EYFS) Miss McLaughlin.